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Komik Woles Contract: Cerita bergambar 12 halaman, yang bercerita tentang seorang yang memiliki kekuasaan. Sayang dia tidak bertanggungjawab dan malas mengurus. Dia lebih memilih untuk menyerahkan pekerjaanya kepada orang lain.


Strombeek Brussel

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Tanggal 3 Oktober 2017 saya berkesempatan tinggal dan berkarya di Brussel Belgia.
Disana saya membuat karya berupa mural papercut di CC Strombeek serta mengadakan beberapa workshop papercut seperti ilustrasi di komik ‘Atom Jardin’

IMG-20171004-WA0010 IMG-20171005-WA0015 yudha sandy-atom jardin-07 yudha sandy-atom jardin-the mountain the cloud and dragon

Workshop bersama anak-anak di sekolah seni Piereman, tanggal 4 Oktober 2017

yudha sandy-workshop piereman 4-10_1 yudha sandy-workshop piereman 4-10_6

Workshop di festival centre europalia, Mont des Arts. Tanggal 7 Oktober 2017. Teknik papercut dengan adaptasi cerita rakyat ‘timun mas’

IMG-20171008-WA0023 yudha sandy-workshop festival 7ct-03 yudha sandy-workshop festival 7ct-04 yudha sandy-workshop festival 7ct-06

Workshop di CC Strombeek, 11 Oktober 2017. Pesertanya remaja. Mereka memilih tema binatang laut, hasilnya keren!

yudha sandy-workshop cc 11oct-04 yudha sandy-workshop cc 110ct-03 yudha sandy-workshop cc 110ct-01  yudha sandy-workshop cc 110ct-02

Akhirnya Mural Cutting Paper saya yang berjudul ‘gunung, awan dan naga’  rampung!
Opening seremonial Europalia di CC Strombeek ini tanggal 12 Oktober 2017.
Bersama saya, ada pameran Elizabeth Ida, tari dari Darlane Litaay dan Moh. Hariyanto.

yudha sandy-atom jardin-04 yudha sandy-atom jardin-02 yudha sandy-atom jardin-05 yudha sandy-atom jardin-03 yudha sandy-atom jardin-01


UN Day

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Group exhibition ‘ART WITH PURPOSE’ held by UN. Museum National Indonesia, Jakarta. 24-30 October 2016

24oktober2016_03 24oktober2016_02



breaking record with rocket

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ys02  ys01


For the past few years, violence has become a common thread that connects the works of Yudha Sandy. Nonetheless, Sandy has a tendency to deliver the topic in a humorous way, with foreign quirky details, as well as playful and nosy metaphor. Sandy is an artist who makes detail observations on the little things that happen in the daily life. He tends to work by using intuition to process ideas simultaneously, tend to jump around randomly, and think visually.

This all started with a conversation about the relationship between history, the nation, and the youth; Sandy started to imagine a group of young people gathered in one rocket to go to a new place. This work refers to the tendency of young people who want to create new values. Just like a space ship looking for a new planet; this rocket is still a little unstable, sometimes even a bit confused. But Sandy considers this search for new identity as a form of courage. He is not voicing a certain group of people; instead, he makes the work universal, value-free, and easily relatable. For him, the identity crisis and stutter in understanding the past history of their own nation can actually be the result of twisted information that make the collective memory becomes a confusing random trail. The young peoples in Sandy’s story are feeling giddy with the existing religion, because it is used as a tool for continual divisive. They were surprised with the democratic system of the state when the ruling did not involve the people, except in the case of paying the tax bill. They want to learn how to fight, but their education is set to dampen it. They criticize capitalism, but capitalism backfire the criticism, cultivate it, and present it in a new form.

Sandy uses lot of rocket as metaphors to deliver the message of possible alternative that might be utopic, but it struck him as elegance. The rocket also implies experience, courage, liveliness and a new spirit: an adventure to various territories which are full of unpredictable possibilities! Their identities are no longer adhering to past or existing values. No more west or east; there is only non-Earth and Earth.

yudha sandy_breaking record wit rocket_01

This utopian youth feel their bond of citizenship for the nation is getting weaker. Most of them are those who do not abide the state rules. They wanted to create a civilization that is more meaningful, unpolluted, intellectual, and full of peace. They are going to leave this planet with a rocket. Exploring the natural mysteries in order to find a new planet. After a long and tiring journey, they arrived at a place. They were scattered because of the natural conditions are malignant. The main priority now is how to survive. Over time, each group is making settlements that are increasingly large and chaotic. To put things in order, then made new rules. But culture that is set in such a specific way, is actually can not be regulated. The intellectuals create opposing regulations. It triggers violent acts, same as what happened in their old planet: history repeating itself.

In this exhibition, Sandy is exhibiting installation, video, and comic works. His enthusiasm on comic make him started this exhibition by designing comic strips. In addition to his desire to break the record with a rocket, he is also trying to challenge himself to complete the works in this exhibition with specific targets and bonding office-hour. Sandy will start the exhibition cycle by making KKF gallery space as part of his studio that is open to the public, showing the end result at the end of the first cycle, and presents himself to guide the audience to enjoy the works during the exhibition. Save the date and have fun!

(Mira Asriningtyas)

ys08  ys07

breakingRecordWithRocket05   yudha sandy_breaking record wit rocket_02

yudha sandy_breaking record wit rocket_04





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generasi general_40x52cm    city landscape_27x38cm

hot frequency_27x38cm    kolektif jadi selektif_33x45cm

the protester_25x25cm

‘REDRAW’ di Edwin’s Galeri, Jakarta Indonesia. 8-24 Oktober 2014


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Atom Jardin means The Park of Atom Bomb.
A bomb whose radiation exists although its explosion is over.
Like a garden, it seems peaceful, quiet, and forgiving, but that might be an illusion.
There is both vertical and horizontal conflict in it.
There is a systematic conflict without we realize about it.
It is not only about us and the ruler but also about us and the other people.
A group of people acts like itself is the most pure one or another group acts like a hero.

blog_atomjardin01    blog_atomjardin03     printing sketsaStudio_KomikStencil    blog_atomjardin02

illustration : paper cut technique
paper : book paper, cover ivory doff
size : 14,5 x 21,5 cm
page : 140 pages